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Week 1 Theme: Speed and Locomotion

Week 2 Theme: Flight

Week 3 Theme: Chemistry of the Universe

Week 4 Theme: Beyond the Stars

Weekly Agenda

Week 1:

                Monday: Creation of Customized Avatar and Classroom Logins

                Tuesday:  Robot Crawler and the Engineering Design Process

                Wednesday:  Special Guest Speaker (Artist)

                Thursday: Automation Mechanics

                Friday:  Spheros

Week 2:

                Monday: NASA Mission Patch and Explore NASA website

                Tuesday:  PowerUp Airplanes

                Wednesday:  Special Guest Speaker (Artist)

                Thursday: Experimenting with UV-sensitive beads

                Friday:  Light Up Wire Art

Week 3:

                Monday: Chalk & Glow Slime

                Tuesday:  Crystal Ombre Soap Making

                Wednesday:  Special Guest Speaker (Artist)

                Thursday: Crystal Chemistry Garden

                Friday:  Drawbot

Week 4:

                Monday: Constellation Messenger

                Tuesday:  Explore NASA

                Wednesday:  Special Guest Speaker (Artist)

                Thursday:  Planetarium

                Friday:  Virtual Presentation

  • Students will receive learning kits on a weekly basis that includes all project materials.

  • At least 25% of camp hours allow student to work on assignments independently.

  • Science-Physics and Chemistry, Technology-VR, Spheros, Engineering-Kiwico kits, Art-Guest speakers and respective projects, Mathematics-Measurements and Prodigy

Curriculum: Text
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